Above all, Meliza believes in our free will to become whoever we want to be and moreover, that we make the best decisions for our lives by seeing what is in our own hearts. One of the best ways of delving deep enough to understand our authentic selves, as opposed to the outer self we show to the world, is through exploration and by availing ourselves of all sorts of information and knowledge to see which pieces resonate with us, thereby revealing a natural fit for the path our hearts want us to follow.  

By identifying the will in our hearts, under the guidance of her channelling, Meliza does not mean that we should feel compelled to dance to the tune of the impulsive or irrational side of our human nature, but rather intends this to be a metaphor for the true calling of our eternal and divine soul, which eventually will lead to our brightest and best future.

Ultimately, Meliza believes that the guidance of her readings adds to the power of universal information that helps you tap into, connect with and be illuminated by the truth that lies in your own heart. Meliza trusts that you will reflect on the advice imparted in her reading before drawing on your own wisdom to make the best choices for the life you intend to create.